Remus J. Lupin (howlsoftly) wrote,
Remus J. Lupin

Remus stormed out of his dormitory without a word to the others, marching directly to the Headmaster's office. He then remembered that he didn't know the password, tried to explain to the gargoyle why he needed to see Dumbledore and, when he was met with resounding silence, sat down at the gargoyle's feet with a huff, resolving to wait.

He didn't have to wait long. Professor Dumbledore seemed to appear out of nowhere, silently, and it wasn't until he spoke that Remus jumped up to stand at attention.

"Troubles, Mr. Lupin?" he asked, eyes twinkling oddly.

"Sir! Ah, yes, I was wondering if we could... um... talk?"

"Most certainly, my dear boy-- it must be important if you've chosen to circumvent your head of house, so of course you may come in." Remus nodded silently, following him. "Licorice?" Dumbledore offered him, "No? Okay, then, what seems to be the trouble?"

"I want to help fight that Voldemort," Remus blurted without preamble. Dumbledore blinked at him over his half-moon spectacled.

"Fight him, Remus?"

"Y-yes sir."

Dumbledore chuckled lightly, and Remus flushed and sank down into his seat. "Remus, my dear boy, the most helpful thing you can do right now is to stay in school, get an excellent education, and do your best to counter the anti-Muggle sentiment that Lord Voldemort is using as ammunition! Because you are a werewolf-- now, Remus, that's not where I'm going, relax-- because you are a werewolf, people like Fenrir Greyback will try to recruit you. He is gathering other werewolves, not like yourself, but ones whom the disease has weakened, and who are uneducated, unemployed, and desperate. He is promising them power after lifetimes of subjugation and hate. You must be an example, Remus, to show that werewolves can be educated, and can be functioning members of society-- you must show these werewolves that there is another option."

"But how do--"

"By doing well in school," Dumbledore said firmly, "And by being an exemplary citizen, and by encouraging your peers to do the same. That is all."

"But, sir, I--"

"That is all, Remus. Now, I believe you have an Arithmancy book to find."

"How did you--"

"Never you mind. It's under young Potter's bed. You sure you wouldn't like any licorice?"

Remus shook his head silently.

"Very well, then. Run along. Remember what we talked about."

Remus nodded dumbly, exited, then slumped against a wall in defeated anger.
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