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A simple enough concept, one would think.

Remus J. Lupin
10 March 1960
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Name: Remus John Lupin
Nickname(s): Moony
Birthday: March 10, 1959
Age: 20

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light brown, bordering on dark blonde.
Height: 5'3" (Shut up.)
Build: Small, and giving the appearance of being generally noodly.
Defining marks: Scars, the most distinctive of which are three parallel ones across the face.

Wand: Birch, pheonix feather, 11 inches, rather whippy
Wand hand: Right

Residence: Small cottage near Scarborough; he sees it only a few weeks a year due to lots of travel
Friends: Sirius Black, James Potter, Petter Pettigrew, Lily Evans, Regulus Black, Severus Snape
Pets: Umm. No.


First impression: Quiet, somewhat nerdy.
Behaviors/traits: Quiet, somewhat nerdy. Will go way out of his way to suppress anything animalistic, is very focused on being civilized and humanish.
Usually found: The Library, or out on the grounds trying to keep his friends from doing something stupid.
Bad habits: Self-deprecating, repressive at the best of times, and generally spineless when it comes to saying no.
Biggest fear: Killing someone.

Romance Status

Sexuality: gay gay gay gay gay. So. so. gay. Self-hating gay, closet gay, but really, really, extremely homosexual. And repressed about it.
Past relationships: Sabrina Holloway (fifth year Ravenclaw)
Current interests: Severus Snape, against all reason. Plus sort of Sirius Black.


Childhood home: Same cottage.
Blood status: Half, on his mother's side.
Parents: Carlotta Longbotton nee Lupin, witch, and the late John Lupin, muggle.
Sibling(s): none
History: Bitten when he was five; father died shortly after. Raised by his mother, involving much traveling around the world searching for a cure.


House: Gryffindor.
Best subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts.
Worst subject: Charms.
Interests: ancient runes, books, chocolate, pranking, reading, school, studying
Usually found: In the library.

Gryffindor is courageous love.

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