Remus J. Lupin (howlsoftly) wrote,
Remus J. Lupin

Remus woke with a jolt sometime in the middle of the night, cold and sweaty. He sat up in his bed, listening for what might've awoken him; all he could hear was a light scratch from the rats in the walls, and the creak of the walls themselves. He held perfectly still for a few moments and, when he heard nothing more, got up and dressed quickly.

He didn't even question why his first instinct was to Apparate to Severus' flat, nor why he could get through the night wards now. Half-asleep, and still irrationally nervous, he let himself in and crept into Severus' bedroom. It was the only room of the flat he'd never been in, but he somehow managed not to trip or make much noise on his way to the bed. He sat at the foot of it, and watched Severus for a moment.
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